ACTS | Faith



“. . . glorified His servant Jesus, . . .” Acts 3:13


It takes faith. But not faith in faith. It takes faith in the name of Jesus. Faith in the name of Jesus, is faith in Jesus Himself. The miracle of the lame man is an extension of what Jesus began to do during His earthly ministry. He had come to set the captives free. 

Peter had himself been a recipient of faith and the love of the Savior. Peter’s faith was restored and brought him into alignment with the desire of Jesus to care for the lost and hurting. It was faith that moved Peter to reach out to the lame man. Peter believed in the promise Jesus gave, “that greater works shall you do also.”

When God is taken at His word and fully trusted; when confidence in Jesus is exercised, it enables the believer to defy the opposing power of darkness. This is faith in the name of Jesus which overcomes. 

Faith produces evidence that even its adversaries can’t deny. Here is an outward, visible sign of an inward, spiritual work. Peter makes a point of saying faith, and nothing but faith, put this man, healed and whole, right before your eyes. 

The salvation of one person is no less a miracle than this healed man, yet some refuse to see. Blinded to the conversion and commitment to live a Holy life, they have no love for the Lord. They are not sympathetic to God’s purposes. They lack the spiritual discernment which can only come with the connection of faith, which is the evidence of things not seen. Insensitivity to the Lord’s work can lead to a fundamental danger.

People focus on the servant instead of the Savior. Peter and John were quick to disavow any power in themselves. They explained the miracle happened in Christ’s name. Like a banner held high, he waved the name of Jesus in front of the crowd. He said, “Listen up Israel, it’s through the name of Jesus this miracle happened.”

Today, the church has power because it has the name of Jesus. Any church that accomplishes great things does so because it holds a burning faith in the name of Jesus.


Affirm your faith in the name of Jesus by living in faithfulness to Him.