ACTS | Let it Loose

Let it Loose


“But when Peter saw this, he replied to the people, . . .” Acts 3:12


Christianity does not exist in isolation. Neither does the One on whom it is founded. Jesus is a fact of history, but He’s not confined to past events. He cannot be fully understood apart from His Word and a personal encounter with His presence. This raises the question, how then are we to speak of Jesus to those we encounter in our everyday life?

Neither Peter nor John took credit for the healing of the lame man. It was the power of Jesus that had healed him. But if the people were to understand the gospel and the meaning of a miracle and the fullness of the Christian life, Peter was going to have to speak in crystal clear terms. 

Every day in cities and towns, secular places are turned into sacred spaces. Conversations are taking place about Jesus. People are discussing His life and ministry, with the gospels as our guide for the content of our conversations. We discover Jesus set people free. His was a life-bringer, a lover of the broken, and a liberator of the captives. He set people free from guilt, insecurity, and the soul-rotting presence of deep despair. He delivered them from the fear of death and meaninglessness and from the grappling power of sin itself.

That’s what Christians have always felt about Jesus. We have always believed He’s not just another man, not another human being, but a little better than the rest. Never! After the life and death of Jesus the whole world was different. It was the revelation and release of the Spirit, who brought the life of Jesus into darkened hearts.

The love of God for the world had always been there, but the life of Jesus let it loose. The very presence of Jesus began a new era, the era of the Spirit. They explained His relationship with God in terms of the Messiah. He was the Son of God and Son of man. In Him was all the fullness of God. No wonder people fell at His feet and worshipped Him. 

A robust and revitalized vision of Jesus is what we need today. A fresh awakening to the depth of His love, power, and majesty.


How would you describe Jesus to a friend?