ACTS | God is Good

God is Good


“. . . leaping and praising God.” Acts 3:8


God is good. It’s easier to say than to believe. Especially in the face of sickness, when the dark circumstances conspire against what Jesus came to make abundantly clear – God is good. By showing compassion everywhere in the healing of the sick, Jesus unveils the compassionate heart of God. The multitudes came to Him for help and He helped them. 

In our day, we have magnified the power of God over His compassion, but scripture reverses this by magnifying His willingness and compassion to use His power. In no place in scripture does it say God is power. It does say, “The Lord is good to all, and His tender mercies are over all His works.” (Psalm 145:9) 

Jesus has provided all we need. The struggle is with us. We are mired in unscriptural, illogical, worn out myths designed to eclipse the compassion of God. There’s a pattern in coming to terms with believing He is good.

What Jesus did.

He did the impossible. He brought life where it seemed only death could reign. 

What we did.

In our wickedness, we crucified Him. What ugly clarity of the human heart. The best of God, killed by the worst to which creation could stoop.

What God did.

God did not stop the malicious plans for crucifixion. He did not prevent the cross to spare his innocent son. What God did was change the cross from an instrument of death, to a sign of salvation and a wonderful entrance to eternal life. 

What we are doing now.

We are agents of the new life of Jesus. Everything we do is to be a witness to what God has done in Christ.

What you can do.

The steps we are to take are clear and well-marked – live a life in repentance and dependence. Immerse ourselves in the life of the Spirit and holy community.

Jesus opened the way for us to experience for ourselves that God is good. We have only to step away from theories and fully towards Him. In doing so, we discover He is good. He’s more than able to heal, He is willing.


What has to happen for this to become real to you?