ACTS | Indisputable Truths of Jesus

Indisputable Truths of Jesus


“. . . rise up and walk!”  Acts 3:6


Life’s a fight. Everything in this world is designed to bring death to our life. The war intensifies by discovering the physical and the spiritual are in conflict with each other.

However, there are times when we cannot fight for ourselves, when we feel the extremities of our limitations. Jesus, our warrior King, fights for us. He does what we cannot do for ourselves. 

The healing stories in Acts are told as signs so we don’t forget that God is at work in the world. The cures were instantaneous and incontrovertible. The extraordinary moments are there to remind us of the extraordinary demonstration that spiritual power exists. Our ideas regarding healing must be challenged by Jesus’ stance on healing. The signs of the supernatural point to indisputable truths about our Savior.

He made the sick well.

Not once during His earthly ministry did Jesus ever make anyone sick. He never used sickness as a way to teach people a lesson. Rather, He healed all who were brought to Him. And after His ascension, His healing continued on with increasing power.

He made them well before people were changed.

It may come as a shock to the typical way of thinking. Jesus healed people before He preached to them. He didn’t demand that people change before healing their infirmities. Often, He demonstrated the kingdom through healing, and then taught about it. 

He validated His Messiah-ship with healing.

When John the Baptist was facing execution, and in a state of doubt about whether Jesus was indeed the Christ, Jesus’ response to John was to tell John, “The blind receive sight and the lame walk.”

He calls all His disciples to do as He did.

Jesus’ commission to His disciples was to preach the gospel and heal the sick. He equipped and empowered His followers to do His work. We are simply to preach and pray – openly, boldly, and without fear.

If we believe in the pictures the gospel writers paint of Jesus, it’s difficult to avoid these facts. Jesus interjected the Holy Spirit into the lives of the sick.


What does this story teach us about the heart of Jesus towards sickness?