ACTS | The Fruit and The Root

The Fruit and Root


“. . . In the name of Jesus . . .” Acts 3:6


The air was charged with the radiance of the resurrection. The name of Jesus was not just another name. When the name of Jesus was spoken, it sparked the story of His life outstripping death. This was Jesus from Nazareth, who was crucified, and who God raised up, as Peter had preached to his audience at Pentecost.

Pentecost was the catalyst of the early church. It launched many signs and wonders into the lives of thousands of people. People were being made new. Hearts were being changed. Long entrenched habits of sin were being broken. The resurrecting power of Jesus had filled the soul with crisp life and power. As much as we, the readers, are gripped by these accounts, we are left wondering.

When we contemplate the words of Acts, we cannot help but to be influenced by our own experiences and how little of supernatural demonstration we see in our own life, and the lives of those around us. For many, these are stories of days gone by, or days most believe they will never see.

This story raises a critical issue of what we can expect from Christianity and how it works upon our lives. Many of the disappointments people feel regarding Christianity come from our approach. We are looking for the right things from faith, but we are looking in the wrong manner. We are looking for external results without experience – an inward remaking of our soul. We want the supernatural, but disregard salvation. We desire the fruit without the root. 

There are those looking for the effects of miracles, while at the same time desiring ease and comfort of their trying conditions. The miraculous is always risky. It’s not comfort Christ offers us. It’s not security from struggles, it’s not relief from rotten luck, it’s not rescue from rainy days. It’s the saving courage to rise above our battles and bruises. 

Peter saw beneath the surface of the lame man, beyond his infirmity, right down to the very soul of His trouble. It’s in the secret place of healing that Christ works in us. The place where the name of Jesus needs to be heard. The need of the church is to recover the power of His name.


Are you rooted in Christ and ready to pray?