ACTS | The Deeper Need

The Deeper Need


". . . silver and gold have I none . . ." Acts 3:6


Make the best of a bad situation. That's what the lame man had learned to do. The friends of the lame man had the right idea in placing him at the door of the church. That was the best place for him to be. In front of the people who go to church, love God, and show mercy toward those in need.  

Peter and John not only had the desire to help but were acutely aware of the power to help. This is a lesson for the church. She must not only have the vision to see the need, but have the confidence and courage to minister in the name of Jesus; to show to others bold daring faith in the restoring power of Jesus. 

Until we consider what we have to give to others, it will be easy to delude ourselves with vague, emotional religiosity. Be practical, think it through. If we have silver and gold to give, then give it. It’s disingenuous to quote this verse as an excuse for our lack of generosity. We have not grasped true generosity until we have put it into practice in every sphere of life.

The need of the lame man was not primarily financial. The need was much deeper. Spiritual poverty is the deeper need. Peter and John fed the hungry heart. There was no shame in their confession. It was not a statement of their poverty. It was not false modesty. It was a confession of power. They had something that money could not buy.  In the name of Jesus, rise and walk. 

It was not Peter who did the miracle, it was God. All Peter had was faith based in the grace of Jesus Christ. That's all any believer has. This miracle is within all our reach. The real issue for us is whether we have a confidence in God as convincing as the apostle's. To speak these words is the acid test of our relationship to Jesus. The fact is, it’s easier to give money, than it is to speak a word of healing in due season. 


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