ACTS | Raise Your Expectations

Raise Your Expectations


". . . expecting to get something from them." Acts 3:5


You get what you expect. If you don't expect much from your relationships, you won't get much. If you think you are too old, unqualified, or misunderstood, if you believe you don't deserve love, your life will be a reflection of what you expect. Often, low expectations are the norm for living. When every day looks the same, the light goes out in your eyes. 

The lame man had decided to make the best of the situation he didn't expect would ever change. A nasty situation had become normal. He had developed a routine around his greatest disappointment. Every day he ended up in the same spot, laid at the gate, an ugly problem at a beautiful place. 

The contradiction is being in a beautiful place, while an ugly problem lurks beneath the surface. Low expectation causes us to quit thinking, quit preparing, to give up on believing that anything matters and trying to change is pointless. We are no longer challenged to change. There he lay at the gate, but couldn't get through the gate at a place of access, he couldn't enter. 

Low expectations create excuses designed to comfort our incapacity. Lame always attracts lame. Unhappy people find other unhappy people to be with, because misery enjoys company. Break out of old routines and relationships. Until you do, faith won't fully function in your life, because faith needs a higher expectation. 

The lame man had a cup for coins. He had built a system to sustain his low expectations. So have we. We hold the cup of loneliness and ask others to give us something to help. We hold the cup of love, clink it in front of others hoping for a bit of affection. We hold the cup of addiction, hoping for a little fix. 

But God has a greater expectation. Following Jesus’ example of touching the sick, Peter took the man by the right hand forcing him to let go of his cup. Peter yanked him up! That's when the miracle began to happen – lifting the man up, they spoke the name of Jesus. Energy began to flow into the sockets of his ankles, in divine strength, he rose up and walked. 


Jesus is better than what's in your cup. Do you have the courage to raise your expectations?