ACTS | Cheating Church

Cheating Church


“. . . they were filled with the Holy Spirit . . .” Acts 2:4


Stop the lying. We are called to live as lovers in the Spirit of Christ. When we don’t, we are cheating the church of what it, and the surrounding world, expects of us. Contact with Christians should be an experience that proves the gospel is the power that changes the whole life. This is not how we often think of the Christian life, we see it more as a dreary struggle and less a beautiful life.

The story of the launch of the church is one of the most amazing stories in the world. In the upper room it had been slowly steeping in stillness, then suddenly a rushing wind filled the room, they were given life and power that catapulted them out on a world-changing mission. The once ordinary and timid followers of Jesus now were fired with a unity message and passion to tell others of a life that had swept them off their feet. Since that day, the world has never been the same.

The New Testament writers constantly speak of the Presence of the Holy Spirit. They had experienced something more than just theological musings. Someone had happened to them. The Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity, had collided with a small band of timid believers, their faith had been revived, rekindled, and released. Christianity does not rest upon tradition, it lives with a vital experience with the Holy Spirit. The gift of the Spirit leads to three things:


The Spirit is the living mind of God at work in the minds of His followers, leading them into new discoveries and insights revealing new truth. The fact that we have an established truth of His word is not a reason to not need the Spirit. Without the Spirit’s help, we will never discover the depth and treasure that lay beneath the ink and paper of His word.


Those in the upper room had no idea what circumstances they would face. They trusted the Spirit Jesus had sent to direct them through whatever adversity they would face. The guidance of the Spirit comes as we have need. 


It was the Holy Spirit that made Pentecost, gave truth, fire and set the message to flight and released salvation to all who would receive.


Think about the Spirit today.