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Look at Jesus


". . . And the Lord added . . ." Acts 2:47


The idea that Christianity is focused on self-improvement is erroneous, it is not a biblical idea. The Christian faith was never intended to make people nicer, kinder, and friendlier toward others. To reduce faith in Jesus to a feel-good experience is a travesty toward God and the gospel.

The message of Jesus is too profound, too radical, too strong, too foundational. There's no sentimentality about the Christian message. It operates as a Holy piercing sword that cuts out sin and cuts in life. Convicting, convincing, converting, that was what happened to the listeners on the day of Pentecost.

It was a preaching which triggers the action of the Spirit in the heart of a listener. Once hearing the message, it creates a pressure on the soul so deep, so great, that one cannot help but to cry out, "What shall we do?" That it takes place in an individual’s life is astounding.

Peter didn't preach about being more positive. He did say if you want to know what happened to us and understand this amazing change that has taken place, then look at Jesus.

His person

Jesus was not an idea. Jesus was a real person who lived in a real town. People knew Him, they had heard Him speak and watched His life. Many saw Him do numerous signs and miracles.  

His prophecy

The Old Testament foretold of the coming of Jesus. David wrote about Messiah that His soul would not remain in hades. The Messiah would rise from the dead.

His people

Jesus appeared to those who knew Him. At first they didn't believe He would rise from the dead, they had to be convinced. Besides, they had nothing to gain by preaching a message which would lead to death. They were reliable sources.

His power

Before His parting Jesus had promised to send the Holy Spirit. His followers would receive power. If He was dead there would be no power of the Spirit in the world.

Peter preached with heat and light – we feel it still. A life changes when it encounters the Lord Jesus.


Who is Jesus to you?