ACTS | Recovery



". . . and had all things in common." Acts 2:44


Christianity cannot be understood at a distance. It must be lived. It's from the living that the explanations of our world are explained. In these days, people are looking for answers and trying desperately to make sense of life. 

The need of sin and salvation offer the best explanation to the predicament in which people live. But deliverance from sin is difficult without experiencing Jesus’ saving power. All the answers of Christianity are easier to understand and practice when lived in the company of other Christians.

The early church lived in close proximity with one another, they were bound together in the spirit of Jesus. Living in close association was not snobbery, superiority, or racial separateness. They were connected by the apostles’ teaching, the breaking of bread and prayer, along with economic responsibilities to each other.

Within the early church, there was a deep sense of belonging. Life was lived with great joy and gladness. Regardless of circumstances, be it in deep devotion or facing danger, they did life together.

Few would deny that the Christian culture has diluted the real power of the church. With clever pitches, commercial programs, and pithy preaching, the identity of the body of Christ migrated into current culture, making the church’s uniqueness all but lost. 

Recovering the church’s uncommon identity will require the strengthening of strategic areas of the community. 

  • Bring backbone to our belief. Too often what Christians believe is a mix of popular ideas combined with Christian emotion and fierce friendship. The church functions as a remedy for the lonely, where the hurt find healing, and the sinner is forgiven and believers find support.
  • Add mettle to our meetings. People are drawn together in worship the way a family gather together at meal time. 
  • Place power in our prayers. People who pray together are unified in the Spirit, even when they work in a variety of places. 
  • Put guts in generosity. We love and give for the sake of those who suffer. We take financial responsibility for those in distress.

When the foundations are strong, the light of the community of Christ will radiate hope as a beacon of light in the darkness.


Make a short list of how you can contribute to strengthening the foundation of the church and go do it!