ACTS | Aim



"And all who believed were together . . ." Acts 2:44


Even as the stock market continues to hit all-time highs, there is, in our society, a prevailing mood of meaninglessness. The best of plans and practices seem pointless. Without Christ, people find themselves caught in a predicament – living in the world with no use for the world. It's against this backdrop the church stands as a radiant hope to all.

The church has grown from a hand-full in the upper room, to covering the globe. No longer is the church a struggling entity. The church’s influence is now felt in every culture around the world. The scale of our challenge is no longer a single city along the Mediterranean. We have a world to change. 

The church’s task is not a reformed political system, but reborn people. The church is to show the resurrected life of Jesus.

They say when duck hunting to not aim at the duck, but to aim just ahead of the duck, and if the aim is accurate, they will hit it. The church has been aiming at the material world. We have concentrated every ounce of talent and creativity upon it. We've forgotten there is another world; one filled with hope and supernatural power. 

We aimed at the world, but did not hit it. The call of the church is to aim ahead of the world at the shining reality of the Kingdom of Jesus. By doing this, we will hit the world, as did the early church. They hit their towns and cities with the saving life of Christ.

This is not to say the church loses interest and stops caring about the needs in the world. That would betray the message of the gospels. We are to aim at the light that is in Christ, not the darkness. Then the light begins to shine into the darkened places, and penetrates the dark corners of this decaying world.


Choose today, in all you do and say, to point others toward the light of Jesus. Share your story, commit a selfless act of service, speak a word of encouragement, or stop and pray for another.