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Our Usability


"And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching . . ." Acts 2:42


The normal Christian life is an extraordinary life. We look at the people in scripture who God used and assume they must have been more spiritual and had a greater grasp of the supernatural that they possessed divine insiders’ knowledge. Crediting them as "special" and more "spiritual" only blinds us from seeing our own usability and capacity for spiritual growth.  

The first Christians, like you, had to grow in the ways of Jesus. Scripture states even our Lord and Savior grew in the ways of His heavenly Father. Somehow we've developed the idea that the apostles were more than mere men. They were not. They were only human, but they had experienced an abundance of the Spirit.

The inspiration that guided their speech, inspired their sermons and caused them to do great things was the presence of the Spirit bestowed on them. Yielding to the work of the Spirit will always give our service depth and cause it to affect a wider scope than what we intended.

The presence of the Spirit did not make them sinless, it did not destroy their weakness and natural inclinations. It didn't take away Peter’s cowardice, or Paul’s hot temper. It didn't eliminate Peter’s prejudice, nor did it alter Peter’s intellect. Peter had, for a long time, refused to show love and mercy towards Israel. 

The point is, the people in the early church were regular people like you and me. Facing everyday struggles, aware of their own weakness and shortcomings. The presence of the Spirit resting on them made up for their deficiencies.

Through the Spirit, hatred is replaced by love, anger with patience, anxiety with peace and pretense with humility. Shockingly, you are no better or worse than the frail, fractured, first followers of Jesus. Stop elevating your shortcomings and submit yourself to the Spirit. When the Spirit comes, He makes the weak courageous, He makes the feeble strong, and He makes the slow sharp.

The apostles were a living witness to a not-uncommon phenomenon of the Christian life. The Spirit leads us into a discovery of Jesus Christ, resulting in fire merged with friendship, which causes us to do extraordinary things.    


How does the Spirit work through your weakness?