ACTS | Repent



“. . . what shall we do?” Acts 2:37


Boldness born of fire, that was Peter’s sermon. He didn’t shrink back from preaching truth. If Jesus had ended at the crucifixion, if there had been no resurrection, Peter’s sermon would have been problematical, he would’ve seemed delusional. Even more striking, we know what Peter had been seven weeks before. Between his past and present preaching was Pentecost.

As his audience listened, their hearts of stone turned to hearts of flesh they were cut to the quick with a stinging sense of sin, a cry of conviction erupted from the crowd, “What shall we do?” Peter was ready with his answer, REPENT!

Repent was the first word of John the Baptist. It was the word with which the Lord began His ministry. And all the apostles, prophets, and evangelists struck the same note. The first word of the Christian life is not believe, it’s repent.

Repentance is typically defined as a change of mind and direction, but the deeper work of repentance involves sorrow of the soul. It literally means being sorry enough to quit. It’s a change of motive for living, it’s a change of our reason for living, it’s the final condemnation of our past. 

Repentance is the soul’s honest recognition of God in His rightful place and full submission to actual and active control in one’s life. The voice of repentance says; it does not matter if I live or die, all that matters is to be right with God. 

There are a great many who have repented without sorrow, only to experience a change of action without a change of heart. Many believe in the complete control of God academically, yet never yield their life to His leadership. Repentance is not just agreeing with God’s desire it’s relating our whole life to His present leading. 

Contact with Jesus will always bring a sense of the actual condition of our life. Jesus also makes us aware we are powerless to fix our life without Him. Only then can we repent from our wayward heart and trust Him to lead us on to fullness. 


Repentance is the raw confession of the soul, no one can give you the words, they must emerge from your heart. Pray your own prayer.