Worship More

Familiarity is the formidable foe of faithfulness. Too often we can know the stories of scripture so well that we miss their uniqueness. So it is with the Christmas story. If the birth of Jesus doesn't disturb and disrupt your heart and mind, it's likely you've heard it so often you've become numb to it, or you never really heard it all. This week as we revisit the arrival of our Messiah, ask God to help you discover a new insight. As you read and contemplate, it's helpful to pray asking God, "Lord, show me what I've missed." We offer these devos to stir your heart and mind to rediscover the Christ of Christmas. As always feel free to repost or pass them on.


“. . . she gave birth to a Son; and he called His name Jesus.” Matthew 1:25


Although Jesus’ entry onto the stage of humanity came humbly and silently; although the people of Bethlehem were unaware of what happened in their midst; although the emperor of Rome had no idea that his decree had caused the nativity of a King that was to rule over all the world; even though mankind went on with their ordinary interests and empty pursuits, completely unconscious of just what had taken place, for some it didn’t go unnoticed. 

God became a wailing newborn, birthed in a barn on a straw-filled floor, into our sin-ridden world. For the ones who stood there that day at the manger, the shepherds, the kings, the curious star-followers and the common people, all represented, in miniature, the whole of future history. There would be no part of humanity which would not be affected by the arrival of God’s Son.

All who stood there around the infant Jesus that night had personal stories; their stories had led them to the Savior. Within each of their journeys there had been a longing for the Divine, a longing to know Him.  In their pursuit to answer the big questions of life, purpose, meaning, and identity, they had discovered Immanuel, God With Us. There, that night, they were not merely spectators, rather worshipers, they knelt in the dirt by the trough at the arrival of Jesus. They rested their burdens and celebrated God with us, God beside us and God becoming one of us.

At this time of year we know Jesus is the reason for the season, but it’s crowded out by a thousand other reasons, parties, gift lists, planning on what to get for whom, the whole season can be about spending and getting. We become so consumed with consuming, that we fail to become consumed with Jesus.


Are you missing out on worshipping Jesus? Have you become a spectator rather than a participator with Immanuel? Take some time today to worship Him for who He is.