Blank Stares and Empty Hearts

This past week through the sermon "The Discipleship of Jesus" (if you missed it, it's archived on our CP app under stand-alone sermons), we discovered the gap between the call of God and our obedience. Left on our own, we are all prone to continue to allow the gaps between us and the Lord to widen. However, through a few strategic, decisive choices, the gaps begin to narrow. It's our hope this week's devos will cause you to observe, and obey the heart of God. This season make it a point to shrink the distance between you and God. God, through Jesus, took the first step, the next one is yours.


“. . . when the parents brought in the child Jesus . . .” Luke 2:27


The infant Jesus’ first appearance is in the synagogue, the most sacred place – the heart of life and faith. This is where it begins for you and me. Before there was doctrine, theology, structures, systems, denominations, long before committees, councils or Christian culture, there was Jesus, the heart of life and faith, the source of salvation.

Salvation is a word we often hear inside the church walls, although few know its meaning. Thundering from pulpits and street preachers towards the listeners, the question, “Are you saved?” is often met with blank stares and empty hearts. Perhaps it’s better to ask, “Is your guilt gone?” or “Is your conscience clear?” or maybe “Has Jesus made His home in you?”

Amidst our hurried, anxious world, Jesus wants to make His home in you. Home is that sacred place where we don’t have to be afraid, where we can live with confidence. Home is where you hear the voice of God’s love and experience the freedom of being His.

Today we have the homeless sleeping on the streets, filling shelters, but we also have wealthy, upwardly-mobile, successful, homeless people because they have never found their home in Jesus. The spiritually lost and dislocated seek safety in substance, success, social status, even a little spirituality. The homeless hearts become strangers to themselves, the lights are on, but nobody is home. 

Jesus calls us to stop our running and endless searches. He calls us to give up our desire to appear good, to let go of our posturing of being good. He calls us to step away from the preoccupation with projecting perfection and self-conscious living so that He can make His home in us. Stop being afraid; turn around and run into Jesus. 


Today you have a home, Jesus is your home. Claim Him as your home, it’s right where you are, in your innermost being – in your heart. If your heart is homeless, would you invite Jesus in by praying, “Jesus, I’m a sinner, you are the Savior. Make Your home in me.” Now, share your moment of salvation with someone in your family.