The Good Doctor


". . . who went about doing good, and healing . . ." Acts 10:38


There are many beautiful titles used in scripture to describe God. But the name which stands above all, is the good physician. The life of Jesus was an epic of healing. Wherever He went He radiated life, vigor, and vitality. In His presence, the sick were made sound, weak souls grew strong and the doors of God were opened to dying hearts.

When the writers of the gospel remembered Him and recorded Him in the pages of scripture, it's Jesus as the Good Doctor who went about doing good. God had only one Son and He was a Missionary and Physician. 

In their physical and spiritual infirmities, people prayed to Him as one who was the most living and compassionate toward the hurting. They cried out, "son of David heal me." Titus says its "the kindness of God our savior and His love towards others which draws us to Him." This is strategic because God our savior means the one who heals. 

Into this sin-ridden world, Christianity makes it way on the scene. The community of Jesus declares a message of recovery, renewal, and revival; where the old passes away and all things are made new.   

The church offers the sick world health. It was declared the hospital for the broken, bent and burned out. As the church carefully attended the hurting, the faith of the early Christians saw the Good Doctor. No quack doctor, but a true physician, imparting new life, new joy, and new hope. Giving new energy and new power to the mind and body alike. 

There is but one Great Physician, it is Jesus Christ our Lord. He sends His word to heal us in our infirmities.


Where do you need the Good Doctor to heal you?