Ruins of a Divided World


". . . God is no respecter of persons." Acts10:34


We haven't killed God. At least not yet. We've just domesticated Him. We've made Him too safe and too soft. We've limited our encounters with God to being in church. We see Him as one who only dwells in hushed cathedrals. He's relegated to sanitized, sacred, places, blah blah blah. 

The problem is not that our God is too safe. It's that we've made Him too small. We have compartmentalized Him to heaven, we have a working understanding. God stays in heaven, while we go on with our way of life down here on earth. Our day-to-day life is over here and God is over there.

This is our way of seeing life and how we negotiate the tensions and contradictions life hands us. A wedge has been driven between the things of God and the things of man. Between the secular and the sacred. We've drawn a line between faith and physics, between the invisible and the visible.

We live in the ruins of a divided world. Between the head and the heart. Between those who are in and those who are out. Between the left and the right. Between the sacred and secular. 

Peter’s prejudice was the separation between things unclean and things clean. Jewish ceremonial law had created in Peter a strong inclination to categorize people either being worthy or unworthy. 

The warning here to us is to avoid the tendency to separate from the sacred and secular. The categories are false. Because God has broken down the barriers, He has blurred the lines. He can be found faithfully at work in both arenas. 

The activity carried on in the church is no more sacred than the corporation. In either place people can be found exploiting what is found, or exploring the richness of God revealed. The difference is the focus of the goal towards which it moves is God centered. For the believer everything we do is sacred.


In what ways are you pursuing God throughout the week?