Positive Expectation


". . . Now Cornelius was waiting for them, . . ." Acts 10:24


Life is inherently ordinary. Even the most exciting, exuberant, and exhilarating moments of life are temporary and fleeting. Of course, the dream and desire of every soul is that life would always bring us good things. Sadly, it doesn't. Expectations get dashed against the cold rocks of reality. 

We learn to live with it. We let go of expecting anything good to happen. For many believers it's easier to make friends with our disappointments than to believe God again. As a result many Christians live in a polite, silent distance from God. We simply must quit believing that expecting good things from God is pointless. 

Our loss of positive expectation creates cynicism and suspicion toward the ways and work of God. We find it easier to live with low expectations of God, or none at all, than to take Him at His word, to anticipate God being faithful to His promises. 

However, our life with God is a partnership based on faith. The fundamental fact of existence is a rugged trust in God. This faith is the firm foundation under everything that makes life worth living. Faith is our handle on the things we can't see. The decisive act of faith, expectation, is what distinguished every great character in Biblical history. Their expectation of God set them above the crowd.

Expectation was the driving force that moved Cornelius to first believe in God, as well to look for deeper answers to knowing God. On arriving in Caesarea Peter finds Cornelius expecting him. He had even gathered a group to hear what Peter had to say, because he believed that God was going to use Peter. Cornelius’ positive expectation of finding more of God, would open the door for others to find God. Our expectation of God will impact those around us. 


Are you a person of positive expectation?