It All Began With Jesus


"everyone who believes in Him receives forgiveness of sins." Acts 10:43


Jesus is Lord of all. This is the message of the church. Here within the pages of Acts, the unique supernatural character of Christianity is powerfully apparent. 

It all began with Jesus. He never set foot out of Palestine. He was the perfect example of how we were meant to live. His life is the example to the world. He identified Himself with the lost, the lonely, and the left behind. Whenever the hurting turned to Him, they knew immediately He understood their struggles. 

His words and ways went deep into human life. He touched the core of humanity. Jesus knows no boundaries. His life can be translated into every language on the face of the earth. The cross can be understood by the most intellectual and the ignorant. 

His way of life rises above the way of every political system. Loyalty to Him stands far above loyalty to any particular nation. It was because of Jesus, who, though He was a Jew, yet belonged to all, that the disciples began to see the barriers they had built had no divine sanctions. God has no favorites, there's no superior nation.  At the foot of the cross, all stand on level ground.

Christianity became an unstoppable supernatural movement.  Never was a life changing message needed more than it’s needed now. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life and stands on the horizon of the earth for all to be drawn to him, so that whosoever will, may come to Him.


In what ways has knowing Jesus changed you? List as many ways as you can. Contemplate it. Look back at how far He has brought you.