Accidental Encounters


"When Peter entered, Cornelius met him, . . ." Acts 10:25


God always uses the unlikely to do the unexpected. No one can predict the way God goes about accomplishing His mission. Indeed His ways are not our ways. Throughout history God never discriminates. Instead He places people who seemingly have nothing in common to demonstrate how His love unifies.

The leading figures in the tenth chapter of Acts are Peter and Cornelius. They are the last people in the world whom we would expect to be drawn together. Cornelius was a Gentile, an outsider to the faith, and Peter was a Jew. There existed between them a great chasm. 

Cornelius was a high ranking officer in the army of the Roman Empire and Peter was a follower of a country carpenter who had been crucified. Cornelius was a man of the world and Peter from a small town of Galilee. Cornelius was a professional in his field Peter was a common laborer. 

What drew these two together? Each of these two men had what the other needed. Peter had the strength of a firm foundation of faith. Cornelius was in need of discipline and direction. Peter was able to show Cornelius how to link his spiritual practices with the life and influence of Jesus.

The meaning of this detailed account of how these two men crossed paths is the point. Cornelius and Peter were brought together not by their own efforts or random chance but by the specific work of the hand of God to bring about His will in both of their lives.

The people you meet are not accidental encounters. God has placed a message of hope in you. You carry the gospel within your heat and on your lips. And at the same time God has placed people in your path who need to hear of the hope of Jesus in the exact unique way you can communicate it. 


Be aware today of those you meet along the way. You are the answer to the questions and cries of their heart.