The High Cost of Low Courage


". . . he saw the sky open up . . ." Acts 10:11


The weight of our responsibility as Christ followers can't be avoided. The heaviness of the task before us should impress on us the importance of staying open and aware to God’s presence. We must develop that growing awareness. 

Our awareness of God is what determines how we respond to Him, as well as the way we see circumstances, and the strategy by which we live. It's vital to our following and obeying God. It means cultivating a heart willing to pursue God courageously. 

The vision here in Acts chapter 10 is magnificent. But it's not the vision that's the focus, it's the message to which it points. The vision Peter sees reveals the nature of God, the heart of God for the whole world. The vision shows us God’s ability to invade unfamiliar territory and overcome manmade impossibilities.  

The tension and tipping point of the text is the courage it will require for Peter to fully obey God’s will.  Will he muster the courage to act on what God has revealed to him? Peter could have been filled with offense at the suggestion of reaching out to a Gentile. He could've just stayed with his own kind. 

But, what God was doing was not just for Peter’s own benefit. The victory towards which God was moving was to win the whole world back to Himself. The high cost for low courage is withdrawing from the challenge. We are actually costing others what God wants to give. 

On a daily basis, each of us face challenges which contradict our prejudice and preferences. We will only broker the world that our hearts are anchored to. Thankfully God has equipped and positioned us to succeed in the areas of discomfort.  By filling us with His strength and courage. By sustaining us with an awareness of His Presence, we will have the resolve to launch out into new, uncharted territory. 


What courageous action is God calling you to take today?