Available Light


"About the ninth hour of the day . . ." Acts 10:3


Waiting for the perfect moment before trusting God is an unworthy strategy. Simply because there will never be a time when our understanding is clear and our emotions are balanced. Life is messy, cluttered, and often unpredictable. The good news in the midst of the chaos of life, is that faith doesn't depend on the right conditions for it to function.  

Faith is a very practical thing. The rule of faith is to start where we are, with what understanding we have. Commit a simple act of trust, and move forward from there. Sometimes faith casts just enough light and courage to see the next step. Faith is fed, functions and flourishes by trust.

The ninth hour of the day was three in the afternoon, when the light of the sun reflects on the golden stones of the city. It was Jewish time of prayer. Cornelius was wide awake, there was no mistaking the vision he saw in the light of day. The vision would soon be a reality.

As onlookers to this event, what we are witness to here is Cornelius has responded in faith and obedience to the light he's been given. We see it in how he is described. He fears the Lord, prays to Him regularly and is generous towards the needy among God’s people. Something significant happens to Cornelius.

As a result of following the available light Cornelius had been given, God gives him more light by which he and his household can experience God’s redemptive mercy through the saving life of God.  The light, which provided more clarity and insight, wasn't a metaphysical event. Rather, God sent a man named Peter to proclaim the gospel to Cornelius. 

This story is meant to be a constant reminder to us. That whether we are considering the claims of the gospel, or we are being tempted to wait for signs of thunder and lightning before believing and trusting ourselves to His life, we should make full use of what we know of Jesus and the faith to trust Him.


What are you doing with the available light you have?