The God Who Sticks


". . . that he would not delay and come to them . . ." Acts 9:38


Adversity can make us adverse to God. We tend to think our Christianity can only function and grow when conditions are just right. We see faith as fragile, that can shift with the wind. But this text shows us a truth about faith and God’s commitment to us.

Faith can take a beating. It can stick it out through the storm and drought. Faith is fierce, it can survive the onslaught of life. Because in the midst of the tough stuff of life, faith holds firmly to one unshifting truth.

God sticks with us. He's dependable, He's always there for us. Not in some abstract way, but in relationship with us. 

Tabitha was a good and Godly woman. She had believed in Jesus as her Messiah and served the Lord faithfully. But death still came for her. Her friends had not buried her, because they had hopes that Peter would come and raise her to life again. They weren't disappointed. 

Peter arrives just as Jesus had to raise Lazarus. It echoes of Jesus’ command to Jarius’ daughter. When time had run out and all the usual methods of recovering life could not bring her back, God used Peter to display Christ’s power over death. As sure as Peter shows up, God sticks with us though thick and thin, good and bad, life and loss. God is there with us.

This is why Christians can look back over a long life, crisscrossed cruelties, tragedies, unexpected set-backs, sufferings, disappointments, and depressions. They survey the rough terrain and see it as a road of blessing, it becomes praise. God sticks and stays in personal relationship with us. 

The central reality for believers is the personal, unalterable commitment God makes to us. Perseverance in times of despair is not the result of our determination, it is the result of God’s faithfulness. We survive in the way of faith, not because we possess incredible fortitude, but because He sticks with us.  


What are the ways God is stuck with you?