Spectators and Tourist


"Now . . . there was a certain disciple named Tabitha . . ." Acts 9:36


The quicker, the better. We assume for something to be efficient it must be done quickly. Our attention spans have been shortened from watching five second cat videos on YouTube. These days if we don't experience a miraculous move of God, we don't worry, we just move on. 

Spirituality has been captured by a tourist mindset. We will try anything until something else comes along. The newest potential-reaching destiny, defining psychotherapy successful living course, whatever is trending. 

One has to ask why was Tabitha healed? She had believed in Jesus, she had been baptized. But so had many others in her day, and they had not been healed or raised from the dead. She served others faithfully, but the same could be said for many who believed as she did. 

A woman working in the church was a regular occurrence. Looking back though the history of the first century New Testament church, nearly every woman among the early disciples mentioned in the Gospels, Acts and the Epistles, is associated with some form of ministry and service.

So why would Peter go to her house to pray her back to life? The answer is found in one word of verse thirty-six: disciple. She was a learner, not an acquirer of information about God, but an ardent learner of the skill of faith. Tabitha spent her life loving Jesus, learning His ways, and leading others in the same pursuit. Her life was not one of a tourist. Rather, hers was a life of long obedience in the same direction. 

She was a disciple. One who had learned that truth becomes altogether different when it's put into action. She learned love is never content with words, but always backed by righteous action. Love means days of ministry and nights of prayer. Love means healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and saving the lost.  

Spectators and tourists don't draw the same kind of attention from God as disciples do. A consumer faith is not the same thing as committed faith. We must heed the call to be a fully devoted disciple. 


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