The Beauty of the Lord


". . . they turned to the Lord." Acts 9:35


Faith has to do with marrying invisible with visible. When we engage in an act of faith, we give up control. We give up insisting on head knowledge as our primary means of our way of life. When we engage in an act of faith, we choose to deal with a living God whom we trust to know what He's doing. We choose a way of life in which mystery is the everyday norm. 

The ways of Jesus are vastly different from our ways, which are the ways of programs, techniques, organizations, and information pipelines. The way of Jesus cannot be imposed or mapped. It requires an active participation as He leads through strange and unfamiliar territory. His ways only become clear as we linger in His presence. 

By taking on His likeness, we take in His ways. We mature gradually and incrementally in His way, so that who we are and what we do are realized coherently. Where our faith and Jesus intersect, the miraculous takes place. 

The two healing stories here in Acts chapter nine are exactly the same as the healing stories told about Jesus. There's no indication that the early church believed that the power to perform miracles belonged only to Jesus. The first disciples were promised by the Spirit that even they would do greater things than Jesus. And according to Acts, they proceeded to do them.  

One thing is for sure. Miracles can still be used as evidence of His nearness and divine nature. Jesus had no monopoly on miracles. Miracles are the result of a tremendous surplus and overflow of divine energy that has come into the world through Jesus. New life is the result from the resurrection. The declaration of God’s beauty is seen in His demonstration. Those who receive His work, turn to the Lord.


Be open and available for Jesus to pour His life through you into the lives of others.