His Beautiful Ways


". . . Jesus Christ heals you, . . ." Acts 9:34


There's hope for your hang ups. We have heard the echoes of hope. We suspect there's something more, a breakthrough, a miracle, a healing. The supernatural is a beautiful thing, but it’s not the kind of beauty we are accustomed to. We are unsure how deeply to believe that God can, and will, and does, work in our life. So, the miraculous remains on the periphery of our faith. 

We have two stories plainly before us. To begin with, Peter cures a man from paralysis, then he raises a girl from the dead. These stories are meant to re-work and re-shape all of our short-sighted, sin-distorted beliefs. Living in the biblical world requires we re-acclimate ourselves to a life of faithful obedience given to us in Jesus.

Healing stories like these occur over and over in the history of early Christianity. They occur too often to be dismissed. They reveal to us what has been there all along. The supernatural is organic to who God is and the way He works, not an intrusion or violation. 

If we wish to keep company with God and His beautiful ways we will have to come to terms with this simple truth - wherever Jesus is present, there is power to overcome our hang-ups. 

We live in a culture where Christianity is saturated with pragmatism. It assumes that God can only work through legitimate means. But, if we decide to follow Jesus and live as His servants, we cannot do it the world’s way. We are agents of beauty. Miracles happened then and they happen now. And God is still our source.

In the life of the believer, and the church in which there are no signs of new life, if there is no indication that people are rising above the dead level of their old selves, that they are conquering fears and anxieties in the flow of their life, then, there is something radically wrong.


What must be rearranged in your soul to be open to the beauty of God’s miraculous work?