Make Your Bed


". . . Aeneas, Jesus Christ heals you; get up, and make your bed. . . ." Acts 9:34


There's something about being almost there, but not there. All those around you who are succeeding are a reminder about what you are not able to produce. The frustration of being so close and still miles away. 

Aeneas had all the parts to walk, but the parts weren't working. He'd been on the mat for eight years, he believed he would die in the same condition he'd lived. There seemed to be no hope of change. But then, things changed.

Peter, the itinerant visitor, came walking through town. Peter was just like the one who discipled him. Jesus was always on the move doing good to those in need. Peter directs Aeneas to look to Christ and make his bed. 

We've been lying in our bed too long. Remember when you used to want more for yourself, when you used to not be afraid to dream, when you loved with an unbridled heart. When disappointment couldn't stop you. When depression didn't have a hold of you. But it's time for you to get up out of your bed. 

Peter doesn't pray for healing, rather he commands Aeneas to get up, that he should make use of the power and grace made available in Jesus. Peter calls this man into partnership with the presence of Jesus. And now that Jesus is here, what used to be a place of infirmity, is now a place of rest. 

To make up your bed means you take up the thing that's held you for too long. Your issues of guilt, shame, doubt, and fear. Arise! The thing that once held you, you now hold.  

But why not just get rid of the bed, just throw it away? Because the bed is there to remind you of your need for grace. Without the presence of the bed, you might get prideful and arrogant. Always be mindful from where you came, there has to be something to keep you humble. 


What's your bed?