God Works


"But the Lord said to him, Go, . . ." Acts 9:15


The purpose of the work of the Holy Spirit in our life is not to teach us a truth, but to make us an incarnation of what we say we believe, so that we literally become God’s message in the flesh. Just as He had promised, at the coming of the Spirit we would be His witnesses. Today, God continues to work through the lives of His people.

The ninth chapter breaks the story of Saul's conversion into components and shows us how God is at work in each person’s life. We see the Lord Jesus revealing Himself first to Ananias and then to Saul. Jesus is at work in the heart of the faithful as well as in the heart of the disobedient. It’s the same with us, God works steadily, quietly in our life to make room for a new beginning to give us breathing space to receive His presence. 

Ananias, guided by God, enters Saul’s presence, states his mission, lays his hands on Saul, and restores Saul's sight. The point here is most of the Christian life is a response to what God says and does. The negatives don't define us. Eventually, the scales fall from our eyes. The stirring of God is there to get us to live aware. 

Don't underestimate your spiritual cravings for more of the longings of your soul, the spiritual desires arising unexpectedly, seemingly out of nowhere. The desire for God may come while we are living in a distant land with a wildly separated heart from God as we could ever imagine.  The feelings to be near God may seem vague and happening by chance, but they are not. It's the Spirit drawing you Godward.

But the lives of Ananias and Saul are here to teach us to pay attention to those desires, to know and be known by God as the direct work of God. God is at work in every life, diligently laboring to turn the heart of the disobedient and directionless toward heaven. Tune your heart into God’s frequency, get on His wave length.


What circumstances and stirring have you dismissed as chance that really are the work of the Spirit?