Play your Part


"Now there was a certain disciple at Damascus, named Ananias . . ." Acts 9:10


No one can have their life turned upside down and inside out without serious consequences. For Paul the danger of his Damascus road experience was that he might have been permanently blinded, his mind utterly dazed, and his life completely bewildered, that the deeper significance of the encounter would be lost on him and it might have, had it not been for a fellow believer.

That's where Ananias is needed, always. He interpreted Paul’s encounter into understandable terms of mission and calling. He translated it into a definite plan of action. It was Ananias' insight that gave direction to Paul concerning what to do next. Ananias was the connecting link between the overpowering experience on the Damascus road and the missionary journey to Asia Minor, Greece, and Rome. 

It's easy to overlook Ananias and lose him in the shadow cast by Paul. Yet, Ananias played his part in the story. And he played it well. His part was by no means insignificant. Ananias was the least famous compared to Paul in terms of worldwide significance. But God always uses the lesser to launch the greater.

Few people know of the son of Tobias and Ollie Ham. Born in southern Kentucky, a descendant from eight generations of obscure Baptist preachers. His name was the same as his grandfather Mordecai Ham Sr. Mordecai Jr. studied at Ogden College in Bowling Green. In 1900 he devoted himself to preaching full time. Reading facts about a little known preacher might not have any great impact on you.

But one night Mordecai Ham was preaching a revival in North Carolina and one of the people who responded to Mordecai’s gospel invitation was Billy Graham. How many times has the lesser been responsible for launching the greater? The Ananias' of the world are as indispensable as the Paul's. Ananias is a vital link in a chain in which God brings His purposes to pass. 

The lesson for us is, play your part. Don't underestimate the assignment God gives you. Because you never know who your life my launch into great use for the kingdom. 


Stop worrying about being important and focus on making an impact.