Let Go


“But Saul kept increasing . . .” Acts 9:22


Letting go is one of the major hinge points of making peace with your past. If you are tired of dragging around the dead weight of the past; if you are ready to be set free, then make a decision to release whatever has been holding you back. Don’t tighten your grip on anything that’s not empowering you to move forward.

Although Saul’s conversion was instantaneous, the healing of his past hatred, bigotry and murder, may have taken as much as fourteen years. We may never know what he endured to let go of the condemnation of being so wrong about Jesus and His church for so long.

We often clutch the burdens of our own guilt and regrets, or of the violation done to us by another. There are many things we need to examine in our life to see if we need to let go. Here’s a short list of areas to let go:


The guilt of not acting sooner, the shame of missed opportunities, must not dominate or govern our life. Regret destroys the power of the present. You have too many options in front of you to loiter in days gone by.

Unproductive thoughts

Thoughts either help or hinder you. Whatever we concentrate on, we will be captured by. A negative thought will never morph into a positive thought. Only you can let it go.

Unrealistic expectations

From the outset Saul knew his journey of faith would be difficult. There would be hardship, struggle, adversity, and loss. Let go of thinking you can get through trials without God’s help.

Opinions of others

No one had more critics than Saul. Yet, he didn’t let criticism stop him. We’d worry less if we’d realize that others are only thinking of themselves.


Many hold onto old hurts never getting over them. The bitter truth about bitterness is if you insist on holding a grudge, it will soon hold you.


It’s time to let old things go, strip it down, lay it aside and get on with the life God has for you.