A Living Apologetic 


". . . the Lord Jesus, . . . has sent me so that you may regain your sight, . . ." Acts 9:17


We are not given salvation just to be made into instruments for God. We don't trade our sin for a task. Rather, we are sons and daughters of the Father. Jesus does not manufacture spiritual robots. Instead, we are transformed into living examples of His life. We become the very thing that Ananias was to Paul – a living apologetic.

Here in this verse, we are given decisive insight into how Christianity was believed and taught within five to seven years of the ascension. The earliest form as it was taught by the second generation of Christians was about Jesus and nothing more. 

There was no watering down the facts of His life or the acts of His miracles. Christianity was no poor weak diluted system of religion. His ordinary name was joined to His rule, He is they called Him, Lord Jesus. For the early church, Jesus was not a theory, He was God manifested in the flesh.

This incarnation embodied the whole of the Christian faith, whether He was living in Galilee, or suffering in Jerusalem, ascending from Olivet manifesting Himself to His followers or reigning at the right hand of God, Jesus was the beginning and end of all they believed. 

Ananias took Saul, the converted persecutor, by the hand and led him into the same fiery revelation. The life of the Lord Jesus would become the driving force of Paul's theology, ministry, and writing. Paul identified with Jesus to be the despised, the crucified, the one who appeared to him, upon whose Name he had called and the one for whom he lived. 

We too are to be a living apologetic, sent by the resurrected Lord to take the searching by the hand and lead them out of the darkness and silence and into the light giving hope to the lost, healing the wounded, and comforting the brokenhearted. 


In what way can you be a living apologetic to others today?