ACTS | The Spirit is Not Weird

The Spirit is Not Weird


“. . . tongues of fire hovered on each of them . . .” Acts 2:3


It’s not denominations, theology, or doctrine that distinguishes our faith from another. It’s not intellectual acumen, works of service, or commitment to missions that determine our effectiveness. It’s not the style of worship, or evangelistic programs. Though these things are important, and they impact much of the church’s status, the single most influencing factor of faith is what we believe about the Holy Spirit. 

The Holy Spirit is pivotal. Through the Spirit, we are brought a story involving every known and unknown aspect of universe. The Spirit is an agent, the Source whose living presence is at work among us, opens hearts, enables individuals to enter the kingdom. The Holy Spirit was the way Jesus experienced communion with God, to be in the Spirit is to be close to God. We must rediscover the Spirit is not weird, the Spirit is integral to all life. In scripture, there are three beginnings:


God begins by creating through the Spirit, who hovered over the face of the waters and God breathed and something is created out of nothing. He gives it form, floods it with light and fills it with life.

The Baptism of Jesus

God begins again. A second beginning. The Spirit hovers over Jesus, God breathed and confirmed Jesus as God’s beloved Son. At this moment begins the work of salvation over death.


A third beginning, God breathes on a company of 120 believers, as they called it “baptized by the Holy Spirit.” The Spirit of creation and the Spirit of Jesus whirled about the room, the Spirit hovered over each of them, then fell, filled, and formed into tongues of fire, which continues to give witness to God. 

These men and women were filled with the Spirit and found themselves bubbling over with a joy they wanted to share with everyone else. There was no halting, no hesitancy, no half-heartedness. They entered through the work of the Spirit and got ahold of life, so large and full. They found the Spirit is the one who creates new hearts, remedies sin, counteracts suffering, and fills lives with redemption. The Spirit was the secret to their success.


Welcome the work of the Spirit into your life today.