ACTS | Time



“. . . they were all together in one place.” Acts 2:1


The principle of time is important in matters of both nature and grace. The fruit and vegetables which fill our dining tables all grew with time. In a corn field there is more than meets the eye. The harvest grows gradually. It begins with a seed, which lies beneath the well-worked, fertile dirt. It draws nutrients from the soil, the internal mechanism transforms the seed into a lower stalk, then pushes up through the ground. It then springs into a blade, and grows a six-foot stalk, full with ears of corn. From planting to harvest is a 55-day process. It takes time.

So it is in our journey with the Lord, God’s work is not instantaneous. It’s a long journey in the same direction. There are seasons of waiting. It’s the way God prepares His servants. Abraham waited for the fulfillment of the promise through his son, Isaac. Moses waited forty years before he could begin the great calling on his life. Jesus waited thirty years before beginning a public ministry of redemption. God places a high price on the preparation of His people.

The power of God is for those who will wait for Him. It’s true that salvation happens in a moment of belief. It’s also true there is for us a time of preparation for a greater awakening and awareness of His fullness for us. As Jesus-followers gathered in the upper room, the day of Pentecost was His arrival. Up to that moment the Spirit had resided in Jesus, now He would live in the body of the church. 

The command to wait is still given to His disciples today, it’s just as necessary for us to wait on the Spirit in these days in which we live. It’s important to understand not all waiting is the same. We are not waiting for the Lord, for He has already come. We are to wait on the Lord, we are to live in a continual attitude of dependence. Giving time for the Holy Spirit to fill our waiting heart with His fullness. 


The work of the Holy Spirit is so deep and vast it cannot be taken in at one time. We must yield ourselves fully to His presence – wait on Him.