ACTS | A Worthwhile Wait

A Worthwhile Wait


“. . . when the day of Pentecost came . . .” Acts 2:1


“Blah” describes the spiritual state of many believers today. Dullness of the soul cannot be fixed by grabbing the next emotional buzz. It cannot be fixed by being more sincere about faith. The only remedy is to wait on the Lord. Waiting is worth it, it has its benefits.

Advance the Spirit

Waiting gets us out of old ruts, gives us time to break away from our old destructive patterns and clear away old ideas. It wants us to be still and listen to Him.

Gets out of our own way

The greatest danger those in the upper room were facing, was what they might try to attempt in their own strength. The colossal mistake we make in life is trying to do anything we are not prepared and empowered to do by the Holy Spirit. God can’t use us until we get over ourselves.

Be totally dependent

The disciples had to be emptied before they could be filled. So must we. The Spirit has to search our fears, failures, and unbelief, our strife, selfishness, and defeat. We must be struck with overwhelming shock at the depths of our voids, vacuums, and vices, and cry out for His helping hand. 

Tune into God’s voice

We fill our days with business. We talk too much and crowd out God talking to us. Instead, we are to enter into the silence of waiting before Him with bended knees and on our face; that we may listen to His thoughts, longings, and desires. 

Know His vastness

The disciples got more than they imagined. They got a vision of His grace and the glory of His inheritance. They received a vision of the King in His beauty and majesty. God has a higher power of service, accompanied by mightier resources, for us to do the work of life.

Activates the process

Waiting is the path of connecting to a deeper work of the Spirit. There is an increasing power in a waiting prayer to bring us into a genuine awakening. So wait on the Lord. Open yourself to the work of His spirit. Breath deep His promise, power, and presence.


God, give us this day to wait for Your power.