ACTS | Fall



“. . . Judas fell away. . .” Acts 1:25


No one sets out to ruin their life. We’ve all known of someone who turned out to be someone different than who we thought they were. Maybe we were fooled by their charisma, but failed to notice they lacked any real character, or their affable ways covered their treacherous heart. 

Judas was attracted to Jesus and His message, but Jesus was never enthroned on the heart of Judas. Judas was like the well-swept, empty house of which Jesus spoke. The result was the devil would return and bring with him seven other spirits, making his last condition worse than the first. There were seven influences that led to the fall of Judas. 


The crowd clamored for Jesus to be their political king. Had He accepted, Judas would have become the chief treasurer of the nation. But Jesus refused, and the hope of Judas was crushed. Judas began to look elsewhere to achieve his dream. Judas felt justified violating his loyalty to Jesus with a traitor’s kiss.  


Judas had no chance of making money, so he took it. If we examine our life with a searchlight, we would find there are times where we’ve been guilty of double-dealing.


There were a number of wealthy people who followed Jesus and ministered to Him out of their substance. Judas began to envy and resent the blessings given to Jesus and kept some for himself. 


Judas wanted the gifts given to the poor, he was a thief and had no problem stealing from them. When we disregard the poor, we are opening the door for the adversary to pull our heart away. 


At the last supper, Jesus gave Judas the seat at his left hand, a place of honor, but that did not touch Judas, he went out and betrayed him.


Judas sells Jesus and buys a field. It doesn’t stop there, he sends Jesus’ enemies to the sacred place where Jesus has gone to pray, and kisses him on the cheek. An absolute betrayal of trust.


Judas had been killing Himself for a long time, the rope finished what he had already started. He had no confession or love of God, no confidence in Christ to save him. Judas was choked by the influence he’d let in his life.


Welcome Jesus as Lord.