ACTS | Prayer is Action

Prayer is Action


“. . . they continued in prayer . . .” Acts 1:14


The resurrection gives us reason. The rising of Jesus brings all the splintering of life into place. The resurrection is the backbone of the church, it’s the crown jewel of the Christ-follower. It’s preeminent to the expansion of Christ’s kingdom.

The first followers’ perception of Jesus was totally defined by His earthly mission and work. But when this little band of believers put the risen Lord in His rightful place, then everything else came into focus. Seeing Christ elevated to His rightful throne gave new breadth to the cross. In a moment, it all became real and true. 

The experience sent them back to Jerusalem with new resolve. They gathered in an upper room as only a group of believers, gripped by joy and devotion, centered completely on Jesus. No one ever thought there would be a church, much less that it would succeed, or would draw thousands. Because no one knew their secret. 

Prayer is action. There are times when prayer is the only possible action. The act of communicating with God is followed by significant results. Prayer is sometimes done in solitude, but the upper room was the prayer of the community of Christians.

The early church provides us with a life lesson for all churches. When the church participates in praying together, it opens up God’s presence and work among His people. It expands His kingdom exponentially and His purposes are accelerated. God’s people praying together is the corporate work of souls to lay hold of the strength of God.  

Prayer is the landmark of the spiritual history of the church. It was the consistent prayer of the apostles and faithful women that led to Pentecost and to the birth of the church. Prayer always provides a fresh outpouring of the Spirit to empower the church to do the work to which Jesus had called them to do. 

This is the day for the church to rally together and pray for our city. The prayer of one will not be wasted; the prayer of two is better, but the prayers of hundreds is the best. 


Gather with your community and ask for God’s presence to fall fresh on your house church.