ACTS | Make the Turn

Make the Turn


“. . . while they looked steadfastly toward heaven . . .” Acts 1:10


Only God is the remedy for wounded hearts and broken lives. Looking upward, turning our attention to heaven is the best thing we can do. We must not let the best part of our life become so entangled with present problems, without looking toward God. Regardless of what garments in which our struggles are clothed, we must hold on to our eternal hope.

The popular counsel of today says follow your heart, but it’s dangerous advice because the heart always seeks its own way. Scripture reminds us the heart is deceitfully wicked. When the heart is left to find its own way, it will find comfort wherever it can, dictated by uncontrollable feelings, it will throw itself into places and people to find fulfillment. We must tell our heart to look towards God, to seek Him.

When we can’t reason with ourselves, when our heart keeps fighting against our instructions to turn our gaze toward heaven, God will send the reinforcement of others into our life to help us make the turn.

While the disciples looked toward heaven, two men clothed in white stood by them. There will always be the godly influence of others in our life – friends, family, pastors, a voice of reason. They were messengers of light. It was their help that enabled us to find joy in the pain, love in agony, delight in difficulty. 

The helpful people in our life didn’t appear until we gazed heavenward. Then, we saw them standing there. Their presence stirred our soul with wonder, and gave rise to our soul’s prayer, they heightened our vision, widened our horizon. It was their encouragement that kept us from impatience and pulled us out of our aggravated state. 

Thank God for the ones He has sent your way to help you through difficult days. They pointed you in the right direction, they kept your attention fixed on His presence, they assured you He has not left you alone and challenged you to stay obedient to the heavenly vision in Jesus. 


Think of the ones who have helped you along the way, send them some words of thanks.