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The Sentimental Christian


“It is not for you to know the times or the seasons. . .” Acts 1:7


There is no need for sentimentality in the Christian faith. Corny Christianity is emotional idealism born from feelings rather than thought. Sappy spirituality gloats over the symbols of faith while rejecting the reality to which they call us. Dewy-eyed disciples embrace their favorite Bible verses while resisting the standard of sacrifice the scriptures summon them to live. 

Sentimentality creates extreme inconsistency between the profession of faith and the personal life. While confessing a love for Jesus, generosity is strangled out, gushy lovey-dovey worship is given to God, while the most minimal sacrifice is withheld from those in their everyday life.

The scripture gives little encouragement to a sentimental view of life. The first disciples had little need for it. They had too much to do besides give attention to past recollection, or pensive pondering of the future. Rather, they lived in a spirit of thankfulness as their ground for hope in present circumstances.

The first disciples of Jesus call us to look forward not backward. They instruct us to not focus on the lower, lesser things of life. Instead, they challenge us to fix our eyes on the author and perfecter of our faith.  

While we may not know what will come our way, we can guess, but still we will be left with only a foggy conclusion. But when we move forward, though the way is still uncertain and clouds and mist cover our journey, we discover that the road we are on leads to the throne of Christ. 

Our trouble is not that we look, it’s that we don’t look far enough ahead, ahead to the coming of Christ. Instead of being hypnotized by sugary sentimentality, or mired in 365 days of the forest and swamps, instead of depending on chance, luck, or laws of average, we must enter the living power of our Lord. 

The power of the Holy Spirit is promised for a specific purpose, to be His witnesses this day. Serving the Lord is the meaning of all our days this side of heaven. Serving is the remedy for gooey Christianity, there is nothing more powerful than a strong dose of surrendering to serving the Lord.


In what ways are you serving the Lord – In a house church? In a local ministry partnership?