ACTS | Days



". . . but to wait for the promise. . ." Acts 1:4


In the three years the disciples had traveled with Jesus, they had passed through many different days with Jesus. The days of wonder from watching Him feed the five thousand and walk on water and heal the sick. The days of anxiety born from the endless criticism hurled at Jesus. The day of disappointment from having one of their own betray Jesus.

There were days of insight. Pain and hurt were no longer theories. They had seen first-hand the effects of sin and suffering on people. And Jesus had come to oppose and overthrow the forces of evil. Jesus had shown the white fields of harvest. They became aware there were multitudes wanting and waiting to be set free.

There were days of learning. They learned that God was to them tender, loving, kind, patient, forgiving, and calming and seeking devotion with them. They were beginning to see that as they stood related to Jesus, they were related to God and eternity. The relentless love of the Father had made them powerful, courageous witnesses. 

There were dark days as well. Their hopes had been disappointed. On the dismal day of Calvary, they lost their friend and Savior. All their dreams crushed to pieces. Their darkest night was met with the brightest day, the thrill of Easter morning. Without a doubt, seeing the resurrected Lord had to be their greatest moment. But there was more to come. 

Throughout His ministry, Jesus had asked difficult things from them – to follow Him, to preach, to heal, cast out evil, and make disciples. But never had Jesus given them a harder command contained in one word – wait.

There were tough, long, undefined days, days of uncertainty, yet they waited. For ten days they waited expectantly, they prayed they thought of all Jesus had shown them, all the lessons they had learned. Then, suddenly the rumors came true. The Holy Spirit descended with a mighty power on that little band of believers.

It's in waiting we maintain an attitude of faithfulness, waiting creates an atmosphere where we can hear the whispers of God. Waiting strengthens our confidence, purifies our desires and inspires the soul. Waiting for the Spirit is worth the wait.


Wait on the Lord.