ACTS | Jesus Shows Up

Jesus Shows Up


". . . He showed Himself alive, . . ." Acts 1:3


Luke called his second book of Jesus, Acts of the Apostles. The title is an indication of the pathways His disciples walk; Stephen suffered, Paul preached, Peter served, but Luke's point in Acts is it was Christ who worked through them. 

Today we are His disciples – the body of Christ through which He can express Himself. If people are to be reached, then it must be through us. The world will not be won through theologians or preachers, but through ordinary people as they live their daily life, overcoming challenges with grace, doing the mundane in a magnificent way. 

In their everyday ordinary tasks they display a character which makes others take notice, it makes others look at Christ in us in a beautiful way. Jesus shows up. Others look at Jesus through us seeing Him as the Savior, as their solution. 

There comes to us a staggering promise that if we believe the works He did, we will do also and greater works than these. Those who've been revived by His resurrection make up the community of faith. The church is a special people, those who through their life and witness are a sign to others of the divine reign of the living Christ. The covenant community is called on to reflect the very nature of God, which is love itself.

Jesus shows Himself alive through His church. In His people being a supernatural family, there is a fundamental oneness with each other, bound together by sacred values and a common mission. We show empathy, compassion, and sympathy for one another. 

Jesus shows Himself alive through the prayers of His people. We intercede for the needs of others. We pray for each person to grow in faith, knowledge, and the character of Christ. We pray that the Spirit will work in the life of every individual.

Jesus shows Himself alive through giving the Good News to others. We help others know Jesus is trustworthy, we show them Jesus can be trusted, through our stories, our selfless acts of service. How can disciples be made if no one sees Jesus alive? 


Jesus, I pray that today others may see You through me.