ACTS | Only the Beginning

Only the Beginning


". . . all that Jesus began to do and teach," Acts 1:1


We cannot think of God except in terms of Christ. Luke had written the gospel of Luke; much of what he wrote he had been an eyewitness to. Yet, to him the life of Christ was so big, so expansive, that all he had seen, heard and written, including Calvary, all of Christ’s life here on earth, was only the beginning. 

It's the beginning of Christ’s work

All the writers of scripture assume the loyalty of Jesus is given to us, He lavishly and wholeheartedly pours Himself out on us. He spent His years on earth putting other’s interests before His own. We should be assured today that Christ has not forgotten us and turned His attention to other things. Even in heaven He's constantly thinking of us, planning for us, pleading and praying for us. 

It's the beginning of our relationship with Him

In the big picture of life it’s not what we have or what we do that defines our meaning and existence, it’s who we are as God defines us. No amount of effort on my part can ever take the place of God’s work in me. The gift He offers us is not affection, as needful as that is, it's not His forgiveness, though we cannot fully live this life without it. He offers us Himself, His character. 

It's the beginning of our learning

In our time there are lessons we must learn. Each generation is known for emphasizing something of the character of God. Some believed it was faith that needed to be learned, others felt that hope was better, but scripture teaches that love is the best of all. Christ teaches us to train ourselves not tolerate the suffering of others, but to rise up to love the lost, the least, and the last. 

Our life in Christ on this side of heaven brings challenges of surrender, sacrifice, and sanctification. Faith also has its rewards purpose, peace, forgiveness. We best not forget, all the blessings and benefits, all we've tasted and touched of God here is only a preface, a foretaste of what's to come, it's only the beginning. 


Today renew your passion to follow Him.