ACTS | When Meaning Blurs

When Meaning Blurs


". . . I composed, . . ." Acts 1:1


When change happens rapidly, all meaning begins to blur. With the rise of digital connectivity comes an increased need for the human touch. Real genuine relationships, ones which add value to our life, keep us balanced. We all need significant relationships with a few significant people at a level we've never experienced before. Ones where truth is established and supported. 

If you were to make a list if all the pressure temptations and trials you, your kids and grandkids will face, no doubt it would be a long list. Once the list was made, the insight it would provide would be overwhelming. All the struggles, stress and strains on the list would include things we never thought we'd face in our lifetime.

Many of the threats our children and grandchildren face are portrayed, modeled, even encouraged and lived out, on the screens of their phones before they reach high school. Imagine growing up in a world without anyone being committed to them, to be there to steer them through the mine fields of growing up, no one to help them navigate the twists and turns of life. No one to provide the wisdom to move from one life stage to the next.

Everyone needs a mentor. Someone who will bridge, connect, strengthen, and stabilize our journey into a complex and threatening world. 

Luke was an educated Greek. He was a trained physician, with a sharp mind accustomed to examining evidence and highly-skilled ability to diagnose cause and effects. And he was the author of the book of Acts. Luke could have lived out his years as a successful doctor. And he might have, had it not been for a single, formative relationship. It was his mentor who directed him towards his destiny. 

The strategic relationship for Luke was his meeting Paul. Before meeting Paul, Luke knew nothing about Jesus. Having Paul as a mentor shaped Luke’s character and the course of his life. Luke journeyed with Paul, they spoke together. Luke heard Paul preach, he listened to his apologetics of Christ, he watched Paul defend himself against his critics. Luke learned Christianity by living it with a mentor.


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