ACTS | The Creative Call of Jesus

The Creative Call of Jesus


"The first account I composed, . . ." Acts 1:1


Love always leaves its mark. Those who know what it means to be loved by another, know love changes people. Having been loved well compels us to love others in a manner beyond our natural ability. One surrendered to the love of God, lives in ever-increasing faithfulness, is set aglow with peace, joy, and the ability to love extravagantly. 

To be a Christ-follower is to be held by the grip of God’s love. Many believers understand this truth intellectually, yet so few have experienced it. Our faith tends to be controlled by our natural affections rather than the unconditional, unrestrained love of God. It's possible to be sincere about our relationship with the Lord and not experience His power. Whenever a person’s life is overtaken by the love of God, it's unmistakable and undeniable. 

The book of Acts pulses with life as the love of God is poured out on the early church. In its pages we see the spirit of God using the most unlikely people overcoming the most formidable obstacles through some of the most unconventional methods and achieving remarkable results, because the love of God lives through the people of God. May we never forget the necessity of God to do the work of God.

The greatest competition of our love for Jesus is the ministry we do. Many times it's easier to serve than it is to love. We should be on guard of anything that replaces our love of Jesus, especially the noble and good things we do. The goal of our life is not to "do" things on our own, but to rely on the love of God as the basis of all we do.

The active, creative call of Jesus is not a call to keep right on doing what we've been doing, but a summons to eliminate from our lives everything that’s opposed to the work and the will of God for us. We must rediscover that the whole center of our service is found in Jesus Christ.


Are you more devoted to the sincerity of your work than you are to Jesus Himself?