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The Acts of the Apostles


The New Year brings with it the resolve to start again to do life better, to make more of the time given us, to live another year. How fitting we as a church begin our year with reading and studying the first book of the history of the church. The book of Acts or, as some have called it, the Acts of the Apostles.

Each page, each chapter, and each verse leads us into the way God acts through his people. It takes us along the broad highway to the end which has been kept in view from the beginning. Acts records the birth of an unstoppable movement which continues to spread out across the globe today.  

On the day Jesus ascended, the church began. Acts sets out the progress of Christianity through those Jesus had first given the great commission. They set out to bring the good news, to be witnesses to Jerusalem, Judah, Samaria and all the parts of the earth.  

Acts shows us how the spirit of Jesus, working in and through the lives of the first believers, built the church by proclaiming the life, death, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Their steadfast belief in and commitment to Jesus widened the scope of His message, increased the borders of belief, and broadens the spiritual horizon of the Christian community. Through dogged tenacity, they carried out their Master’s great commission until His name was heard and praise was sung in the great capital city of that time – the city of Rome.

The dream of God’s living community on the earth didn't stop there. The fullness, freedom, and fellowship the early church experienced continues to this very day. Our church history matters. It's important to remember the church didn't start with us, but it is extended through us. Every generation has to rediscover the power the church possesses for transforming any arena of crisis into great growth.  

So this year we read, study, and contemplate the book of Acts. We seek to demonstrate what it means for us to become the church God intended us to be.  To be His people and His passion.


Spend some time today thanking God for His love for the church.