Colossians 1:13-14 | From/To

The most significant problem believers face, from those who are new to faith to the seasoned follower, is keeping faith relevant in the midst of rapid change. We must resist the urge to let our faith remain attached to a single, stagnant moment in the past. Faith always moves forward and so must we. To regain our passion we have re-engage with the presence of Jesus each day.

In this week’s devos, we are concentrating the content on holding fast to Christ as we know Him, and making Him the foundation of our lives. As you read each day, ask Him to stir your spirit afresh. In Jesus, we are freed from the seduction of the past and the tyranny of the moment. We are freed to know Him in all His fullness.




He has rescued us from the power of darkness and brought us over into the kingdom of His beloved Son. Colossians 1:13-14


The Christian life doesn’t start with moral behavior. We don’t become good in order to get to God. The Christian life starts with a relocation. We once were not believers, but when we believed, we were brought out of our old ways of doing things into the operations of God. That change of location was as distinct as walking “from” the kitchen “to” the bedroom. The environment changes the function and reason for being. They are so noticeable, it’s hard to be unaware that you are in a different place.

Paul uses the word “transfer,” meaning to be brought over. Transfer in the ancient world happened when one empire won a victory over another empire. They would take the defeated country and transfer it to the conqueror’s land. As Christians, we have been transferred to God’s own kingdom in four great ways.

From darkness to light

Without God, we are left to grope our way through the dark. Life is lived in the shadows of doubt and the darkness of ignorance, but Jesus breaks like the dawn into a dark night. He has given us light by which we can live.

From slavery to freedom

Without God, we are chained to our fears, bound by our sin, confined to live in helplessness, but in Jesus, there is redemption and liberation.

From condemnation to forgiveness

In our fallen, sin-sick state, we deserve nothing but condemnation. However, through the work of Jesus, we discover God’s love and forgiveness. By placing our life in Christ, we become uncondemnable, because we are totally forgiven.

From the power of the enemy to the power of God

Through Jesus, we are freed from the enemy’s grip and made a citizen of the kingdom of God. So God, in His conquering love, has transferred us from the realm of sin and darkness into the realm of holiness and light. 


I confess I have left the realm of darkness. By Your power, You have brought me into a new realm. Today, I choose to live in Your light, in Your freedom, in Your forgiveness, and in Your power.