Ruth 1:19

Despised People Make the Best Friends


“So they both went until they came to Bethlehem. . . .” Ruth 1:19


Nobody is perfect. And as a result there is no perfect church. Of all the various names there are for churches, one would be hard pressed to find a single church anywhere on this planet called “perfect church.” The community of Christ as a whole has caused its share of trials, tragedies and traumas. However bad some churches may be, it doesn’t change the good ways of God.

Ruth could have found reasons not to go to Bethlehem. She could’ve said “My people do not speak well of, or like, the Jews.” or “The Moabites, my family among whom I live, hate you people.” But she didn’t. In effect, she said “I’m no longer a Moabite, I don’t identify with their ways customs or beliefs. I’m going to belong to the people of God. If they hate you, they hate me too. From now on, I’m going to be a citizen of the house of God.”

This story brings us today, front and center, to the issue of belonging to a church and your commitment to it. Now what about you? Will you commit to belong to the people of God with all their flaws and shortcomings included? And though there will always be those who don’t like the church and speak negatively of the house of God, are you willing to be spoken against too? Are you willing to be attached to the people of God?

The Bethlehemites were God’s people but they weren’t perfect. Not as much as Ruth imagined them to be. Even Naomi wasn’t perfect, she was sad, sorrowful, bitter. Not the best example of trust, and faith. But still Ruth thought of her mother-in-law as a better woman than she. 

There are many who find fault with the church today and refuse to be a part of it at all. There are all sorts of people of God. Still it would be better to be part of God’s people than any other group in the world. The despised people of God make the best company of all. 


Stop criticizing Christ’s church and become a part of the solution.