Ruth 1:16

Ruthless Trust


“. . . where you go, I will go, . . .” Ruth 1:16


Most everyone is familiar with Ruth’s vow to Naomi in chapter 1 verses 16-17. It’s the wedding verse often quoted at the altar when the two are vowing inseparable, covenant, love. Portions of this verse have been engraved on wedding rings and pendants. These words are the classic, beautiful, reaffirmation of faithfulness, determination and living commitment. And the words are not just for newlywed couples, they are for all believers.

These verses, in their context, are spoken by a daughter-in-law to her mother-in-law. Ruth is the perfect example of ruthless trust. When her husband dies she clung to her husband’s family, Ruth in fierce reliance holds tight to Naomi.

In a day of pre-nuptials, exit plans, escape clauses and no-fault endings, the unflinching commitment of Ruth is stunning. It’s the depth of the vow that draws us into this story. 

It’s the same vow and devotion with which we should all enter our relationships. We are to always be aware that we, as the church, are like a bride engaged to Christ. That we would not be deceived and easily drawn away from our first love and turn our back on the love and life we once knew. Jesus deserves our full devotion and ruthless trust.

Like Ruth, when pain darkens the doorway of life, when suffering intrudes and our well-regulated lives get blown apart, when tragedy makes an unwelcome appearance, and all we can hear is the cry of our own heartache, when everything around us seems dark, we choose to cleave to our bridegroom, Jesus, the Living Word.

Ruthless trust is no abstract idea, it forms our reality, it gives definition to our life, it reveals what’s real within us and what’s not. It shapes our decisions, nurtures our consciousness, sustains our will to go on living 

Ruthless trust leaves blame and self-pity and cleaves to the fierce love of God. In spite of disconcerting circumstances, we grab ahold of Jesus and exclaim, “I will go where you go, live where you live.” It doesn’t get any more ruthless.


Where are you in all of this? Clasp on to Him and say, “Jesus, I trust You.”