Ruth 1:18

The Severity of Silence


“. . . she said no more . . .” Ruth 1:18


Silence is scary. Especially when God is silent, it’s easy to misinterpret the silent seasons. Many demand an answer from God, an audible sign, a vision or some form of confirmation. When there is none, they become angry with God, but silence is a sign. It’s an indication God is bringing you into a deeper place.

Silence was one of Ruth’s trials. After Naomi had spoken of the dark days which lie ahead if Ruth were to follow, Naomi, seeing Ruth was determined to go with her, the verse reads “she said no more to her.” Naomi does not speak of the bright days or the new opportunities which lie ahead. There’s only silence. Such a silence must have been trying to Ruth.

We must be careful as believers that we are not voices of discouragement to those who are new in the faith, that we wouldn’t be stumbling blocks to those who are learning to trust God. But that we would cheer them on in the faith. We must keep our negative thoughts to ourselves. The Psalmist said, “if I had talked liked that it would have hurt the children.” (Psalms 73:15)

For any believer it’s a severe test to decide to follow Him in life, or trust Him with a detail, and not get one encouraging word from anyone, God included. Yet Naomi’s silence did not discourage Ruth, she was a strong minded, tough, gentle young woman, she gave herself up to God and His people without any reserve. Naomi was not much help in the way of supporting words. Still there was more discouragement to come from the parting of Orpah, still Ruth pressed on in the course and choice she had made.

Silence is contagious, it gets settled in your heart. Though circumstances aren’t perfect, there’s an inner-residing peace. Silence brings us into a place of perfect confidence of knowing God has heard us, we are given the perseverance to go forward. Suddenly, without a word of encouragement, there is the resolve to press on. To do what we know He has called us to do.


Will you go forward with God even in the silence?