Ruth 2:18

A Heart-Stopping Discovery


“. . . her mother-in-law saw what she had gleaned. . . .” Ruth 2:18


We see God clearly when circumstances become spiritual. In heartaches, trouble, and disillusionment. When the spirit speaks into the issues of our life, struggles which had remained a mystery are understood in a new light. Try as hard as we may to gain insight into adversity, the only possibility of comprehension is found in the light of the Spirit. 

It’s one of the moments in the story when things shift in Naomi, a new possibility rises to the surface. Naomi is energized by hope and is suddenly able to see, not only her circumstances, but God Himself in a new light.

In the kindness of Boaz, Naomi sees the kindness of God and realizes she is the object of it all. The grain Ruth brings home to Naomi is a foretaste of better things to come. Naomi’s heart is re-awakened, she dares to hope again. For the first time in a long time, Naomi feels joy again. 

Naomi’s view of God, up to this point in the story, has been bitter, negative, and passive. She had resigned herself that her life was as good as dead. But now, through Boaz and Ruth, she has found God to be kind. God has begun to bring about a change in her own life. Once she was dead, now she lives because God has had mercy on her.

Behind all the events that work for Ruth and Naomi’s good is the kindness of God. God seeks them out in their need and provides for them. Ruth and Naomi make the wonderful, heart-stopping, surprising discovery that God has been seeking them.

The lesson is one we should commit to memory. Whether in our circumstances, no matter how difficult and unthinkable, we attempt to trust like Naomi did, no matter how feeble or lacking the energy and desire to believe at all; or like Ruth, whose strong, rugged trust was in God, they both find that God has been seeking them and that He’s been there all along.


The Spirit opens our eyes to see what we couldn’t perceive on our own. There in the field, and in the fields of our life, God as placed a treasure. There stands amidst the hard cases of our life, a Redeemer – a symbol of the astonishing kindness of God.