Ruth 2:19

The Question


“. . . Where have you gleaned today . . . ?” Ruth 2:19


Real Christianity is not about words, concepts and abstractions, but engaging and experiencing the opportunities to love those who are before us. In God’s kingdom, nothing can be accomplished without energy and effort. When a believer looks at the world, they cannot help but to hear the call of God to go – “the fields are ripe for harvest.” 

Every day, each day, even today, we can use or neglect the opportunities we are given to love others well. Success in the mission – it is attainable. We can live unselfishly, thinking of others, without fear of rejection from others. With our days on earth we are to live well, love relentlessly, because soon, night will come.

Day-by-day we should pose the question to ourselves, “Where did you glean today?” Today, Naomi asks us this question and, if you will, allow Ruth to answer the question for us. Ruth speaks to remind us that no matter what your past may be, no matter what changes and hardships you may have come, you have no justification for giving in to a blue funk of despair. Do not sit still, cast off your gloom and despondency, do the next thing that’s in front of you. When all seems against you, keep your heart, look for ways to love others well. 

Where have you gleaned today? If your answer is you can’t make a difference because you don’t have influence, let Ruth’s example be a strong rebuke. You may not have influence, you may have been through tragedy, so had Ruth, but a new day dawned for her. If we stand here today and ask and answer this question, we discover we can’t waste one more day of sunlight.

There are great sheaves of wheat dropped in our path. People we are to love and lead to eternal life, through our life. What we do not know is Boaz is hiding in the field, watching and smiling at our joy in discovery that our lives were meant to be given to love others. God conceals Himself and can only be found as we love and serve others.


“Where did you glean today?”